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The Paintball Show here we go!

Did you tune in to the Paintball Show on Saturday night on Sky TV channel 191?

You would have seen our company profile put together by Bradlo Photography; they caught up with us a month ago on a test day where we were studying the paint dispersal of the new Paint Grenade.

If you missed it you can catch it again here:

Our feature is about about half way through….You have to excuse some of the negative comments from Mr Paul Banks of Tippmann, his views don’t extend much further than Tippmann and is a tad out of touch with the game. We especially liked the site review of Holmbush Paintball down south of the UK; if you get the chance to play paintball south of London give them a try, you will be amazed!


This programme is a great leap forward for Paintball  and must have been a huge gamble for Shoreline who funded the entire thing, so a huge congratulations to Tim Barnett to keeping the Paintball Industry fresh and moving forwards.