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Tactical & Pyrotechnic FX new releases from Enola Gaye

It’s the dawn of a new era, where pyro has left the confines of the stage and made its way onto the battlefield. Of course pyro has always been in the warzone but that’s military grade stuff and we’re not going down that road. Paintball and Airsoft has evolved into something quite special; it has become more realistic and offers the players a form of escapism like no other game. Sure video games are unbelievably realistic these days, but it’s no match for the real thing, and by that I mean the real game that is Airsoft or Magfed/Scenario Paintball.

Enola Gaye Smoke dominating the game play at the AI500 this year

As the leading grenade simulation pyro company we need to keep up with this trend and realistic tactical effects and that is no easy task. The players need grenades that explode or give off smoke with the realism of a frontline grenade, but by the same measure no one wants to blow their arms off in the process. So a company like Enola Gaye is set on a path of creating real war game effects, battle field simulation or as we like to call it tactical effects rather than theatrical effects or to abbreviate this tactical fx as it’s well known in the industry.

Enola Gaye’s history is steeped in the design of tactical fx for the paintball and airsoft games industry; we started off making smoke grenades for paintball and we designed and manufactured the very first bb grenade, now known as the Frag Grenade. Along with our smoke grenades our range of airsoft tactical grenades and fx are changing to meet an every more demanding industry; in the 19 years we’ve been doing this we’ve learnt a lot about noise, fragmentation, speed of explosion in both composition and payload which has led to our best grenade to date that is set for release early 2016.

The new EG67 Frag Grenade will not replace the current BB Field Grenade, but it will offer players the enhanced realism that the current grenade does not. Sure if you are after much more payload then the original Enola Gaye Field BB Grenade will still be your best option, but overall the new EG67 will probably take over. The new grenade has been co-developed with the best airsofters in the UK; it boasts a similar size to the current issue grenade that is used by our military forces and most importantly it uses our Wire Pull ignition.

The new Wire Pull EG67 Frag Grenade due January 2016
Smile Paintball Network throwing Enola Gaye Field Paint Grenades

The EG67 Frag Grenade has not been designed to accommodate paint, only frag, so it is unlikely that we will see a paint version of this. All testing is finished and production has now started, so the first stock should hit airsoft fields and stores early January 2016 (fingers crossed). With 120db @ 8 meters (lab conditions), the new grenade will have a similar noise output of our current MK5.

We support players and teams in both paintball and airsoft and these guys give us valuable feedback when testing our products; we of course also play on a regular basis, that ‘s how Enola Gaye was started. But we often rely on the players at the top of their game to flow feedback to us so we can constantly improve our pyrotechnic tactical fx that makes this game so absorbing.

Dan FooFighter Hardcore Airsofter

Over the past few years we have focused on our smoke grenade range with the likes of the EG18, EG18X and the forthcoming SD75. However 2016 will see a host of fragmentation and noise based tactical fx. You’ve already been given a taster of the EG67 which is from our mid-range of pyrotechnics; we are now introducing a professional range that will include a new MK7 Thunder Flash and much heavier Flash Grenade 3.0. Both of these new products produce a much bigger noise fx compared to our MK5 Thunderflash or the Flash Grenade 0.1. Need to know more? Tune into any of our social media streams to be the first to see production models.

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