Enola Gaye™

So what happens when you set fire to 350 (7 boxes) of our new EG18 Assault Smoke Grenades?

EG18 Assault Smoke Grenade (a sneak peek behind the scenes)

We rarely give away details of how we do things here at Enola Gaye, we like to keep tight lipped about our designs and formulas. However as a sneak insight into some of our testing, we showing you here what it’s like to be on the inside of our design team and alongside some of the tests that we perform. These essential tests make our products some of the safest pyrotechnics on the market.

In this test we are burning 7 cases of our new ‘EG18 Assault Smoke’ to see how they react in the event of a transportation fire. This is an essential test for our brand to enable us to become global.

Every aspect of this test will be filmed and closely monitored. We can tell you that this was a very successful and the results were exactly as we expected from our original designs.

Dr John ensuring everything is positioned correctly and to his satisfaction.

Final adjustments of the HD cameras; restarting the test because one of the cameras is not working is not an option! Once the fire is going, step back and enjoy…assuming you’re not a pyrophiliac.

Joe practising his Kung Fu on camera; unfortunately Joe we’re not making a Kung Fu movie, maybe next time mate! Also can you tell the dude in the white shirt that when we said you have to observe the effects, we meant from a distance…he’s too close.

Joe and Dr John in discussion about how the test will go over the next 5 minutes; it’s going to burn very brightly, that’s for sure.

Yep, that’s on fire! How to turn day into night….

Dr John observing form a distance, everyone else enjoying the spectacle.

The product has nearly exhausted itself…..

The resulting mess…this was a brilliantly successful test. Every single product has burnt and the debris area is very small. The steel table has lost its original shape!