Enola Gaye™

Smokey start to the F1 Texas

If you’re an F1 Racing fan you probably couldn’t fail to miss the opening ceremony to this high profile Formula 1 event in Austin, Texas. Especially the part where the entire roof of the viewing gallery burst into coloured smoke as part of the opening display. Of course the smoke effects were supplied by Enola Gaye and is completely non-toxic.

We are seeing many more high profile events and festivals turning to the awesome effects that our coloured smoke can produce when used alongside traditional pyrotechnic effects. We heard a rumour that not everyone was totally impressed with the smoke effect; one of the drivers apparently was complaining about the smoke which is a little ironic. Ten years ago Formula 1 Racing was all about smoking with every car plastered in advertising from the global cigarette brands. We’re pleased to say that our smoke doesn’t contain nicotine, tar, formaldehyde, arsenic or any of the other horrible chemicals found in cigarettes.

So there you have it…our small company (that is still small) that started out making smoke bombs for paintball and airsoft has now seen it’s products mature into the world of theatrical pyro, showcased in one of the worlds greatest sporting events.

If you wish to find out more about our smoke products for events, festivals or product launches please get in touch with us via the usual methods. We have distribution across the USA, Canada, UK and Europe. Thanks to Big Dog Pyro who were the company in charge of the pyrotechnic display, awesome job guys, check out their Facebook page for behind the scenes views.

The product that Big Dog Pyro used to generate this colored smoke effect was our Burst Smoke Grenades that they connected to a remote detonator.

And remember if you need coloured smoke, think Enola Gaye Grenade Co.

A smokey start to the F1 Texas 🙂