Site Review: Skirmish Paintball Bournemouth, Dorset

As part of our focus on our dealers we will be sending out our intrepid staff to check out paintball and airsoft sites all over the world, and where better to start than on our doorstep.

Paintball Bournemouth HQ

Dorset Paintball which is also known as Skirmish Bournemouth is just a stones throw from the Enola Gaye office, so in the interest of convenience this is a great starting point. Currently in its 7th year, this massive paintball field is no stranger to stag and hen do’s; the nearest town Bournemouth pulls in the stags ten to the dozen throughout the whole year.

With 600 hundred acres of prime Dorset forest to lose yourself in, this site has multiple playing options from dense woodland to open areas with brooks and glens. The business owner Rusty has worked hard to keep the game zones exciting; he has built huge forts, bunkers, bridges, graveyards and churches that would not look out of place in a movie set

skirmish bournemouth stag do

When choosing a paintball stag do, you need to consider several important things when picking your venue. Many groups are unwittingly funnelled onto budget paintball fields by the stag do agencies to maximise their profits. You have consider whether you could get a better deal going direct to the paintball venue or at very least knowing what venue you are going to and researching it; NOT ALL PAINTBALL SITES ARE THE SAME. Groupon vouchers are great, but it is often the case that you can still get better deals by haggling on price with the paintball field direct. I know from being in the industry that stag do’s are the most valued customers as they go mad shooting paintballs and tend to have a bigger budget; i know this; so does your local paintball field, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Luckily for the stag do’s that visit the Bournemouth area, most of the agencies take their groups to Skirmish Dorset anyway, so if you are reading this and have already booked you should be ok.

So lets talk games zones!

We only had a day to get round the paintball site, so we choose the best zones from the game map, loaded up with grenades and paintballs and set off looking for foe! Usually you would not have the luxury to choose each game zone at your leisure, this site is always busy and some zones are fully booked out. But because we we’re VIP guests and threatened to stop supplying them grenades, we were treated like gold! Blackmail is seriously underrated!


Skirmish Dorset Fort

The closest game field to the safe zone is The Fort; looking up from the starting point it sits on top of a steep hill that is difficult to climb even without the added encumbrance of being shot at. To aid your chances of success there are many bunkers positioned up the hill that make your advance slightly easier, but only slightly as this is a very difficult game zone! As paintballs rained down from the turrets of the fort this felt like an impossible mission.

There are of course several tools of the trade that make attacking dug in positions much less of a bitter pill to swallow. Enola Gaye staff are always fully loaded with smoke grenades so we knew what course of action was needed to overthrow this impenetrable position. This may now appear to be blatant publicity stunt or a cheesy ad for our smoke grenades, but all of that aside, smoke is the only answer faced with such an impervious opposition.

In went the smoke grenades, not a few, quite a lot….. The wind was also in our favour as it floated thick blankets of white smoke towards the facade of the paint drenched walls of the fort.

Let’s not bore you too much with the complete details of this game, but it’s a known fact that a position of defence such as a fort is great when your holding back your enemies from afar; but once they are on top of you, your defensive position turns into your very own personal hell! When the opposition are at the windows firing through…all that whooping and hollering previously heard from the defenders who once rained paint onto our heads suddenly turned into screams and cries, as the panic exit to the back of the fort started to take shape… Job done, we won, always carry smoke for these scenarios.


After a brief refreshment and re-filling our hoppers with paintballs we swiftly moved onto our next game area which held no secrets in the name ‘Bunker Hill’. It amazes us that Skirmish Bournemouth do not shout louder about their paintball game zones as they are some of the best we’ve seen in the south of England; it’s fair to say they build them and get on with just running a great venue. Bunker hill is a cleverly hidden fortification deep in the woodland; the game plays out similar to the fort game but on much more level terrain, this changed the complete dynamics of the game play.

This time round we were defending which is something I personally hate; you’re just waiting to be mugged, a paintball metaphor for having a gun shoved in your face point blank range! And guess what? Our opposing team had taken stock of our previous game tactics and used them against us. In came the smoke, orange in colour this time, followed by the stampede of boots and paintball guns….. It didn’t take long. An awesome game field even if we did get a whooping.

Bunker Hill Skirmish Bournemouth

I’m going to allow you the pleasure of discovering some of the gems of this paintball site for yourself rather than write a detailed description of each game zone.


Have you ever found yourself in a gunfight in a graveyard? Probably not until you have played paintball in Bournemouth! The grave yard field is of course not real gravestones, nor are there actual dead people buried there; but in the interests of make believe this is another great field with a church at one end and plenty of head stones to protect you from the incoming fire. They may only be paintballs winging past your ears, but if you have ever played paintball, you will know that taking one for fun is not actually ‘fun’.

We entered this game zone fully loaded; full hoppers, 4 pots of paint, smoke grenades, paint grenades and a free thunderflash given to us by the admin staff! I don’t think the admin staff at Skirmish Dorset realised who we were at the time! Either way a free Thunderflash will come in handy. We won this game through superior fire power…

Paintball Bournemouth


On the day the staff were polite and well informed; they knew the game zones and they were quick to fix customers problems. Paintball guns jamming up is a common fault, but the honest answer is, it is usually user error, either way the guys were on it super quick and there wasn’t an unhappy face on site all day. Skirmish Dorset colour code their staff so you instantly know who is who. The junior members of staff wear orange; trained staff wear red and the site managers wear purple, it’s a nice touch on a day where hundreds of people are running around all dressed very similar.

Paintball bournemouth jacket


If you find yourself playing paintball at Skirmish Bournemouth you will be endowed with the best paintball gun and goggles available for rental players. The gear is clean and the goggles don’t smell. The marshals all carry Zero Fog advanced anti fog formula with them; the biggest spoiler for any paintball day is goggles fogging up; however the staff at Skirmish Bournemouth have got that problem covered..

Skirmish Bournemouth carries the full Enola Gaye inventory of pyrotechnic products, so you have all options on our pyro during your day paintballing.

Skirmish Paintball Bournemouth Dorset
Paintball map of Skimish Paintball in Bournemouth

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