Sandbaggers making paintball look easy…

A superb weekend of competitive paintball was had by Enola Gaye sponsored team Operation Sandbaggers!

It’s exciting to see top end players embracing the use of smoke grenades to improve their game and it appears to be conclusive that the use of our EG18 Smoke grenades have given the guys a big advantage in the UWL hosted by Shoreline Paintball. We have agreed a second years full sponsorship with the Sandbaggers as the work they are doing to spread the pyro love is unprecedented.

Here’s what they had to say for themselves after the event:

The Sandbaggers arrived at the UK’s UWL Super Cup Final last weekend fully stocked up with EG18 smoke and more than a few butterflies. Sandbaggers were sitting in joint first place in the series with Disruption going into this leg so everything was to play for. Both Sandbaggers Blue and Black went unbeaten through the prelims with Sandbaggers Blue smashing Disruption making it impossible for Disruption to make the finals and handed the series title to the Sandbaggers and set up and all Sandbaggers final like last year.
Shaun Latham from Disruption was heard to say after the defeat to Sandbaggers “That Enola Gaye smoke REALLY works, Why don’t we use that??”
Thanks to Enola Gaye for giving us the edge over our opposition which gave us 1st and 2nd in the Elite division and also 1st in Div 1…
Baggin Ain’t Easy !
Sandbaggers paintball enola gaye
Sandbaggers smoke grenades
Sanbaggers win paintball smoke grenades

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