Enola Gaye™

Sandbaggers killing it for Enola Gaye

Operation Sandbaggers the infamous old school, beer drinking paintball team that is made up of old school pros from the UK paintball fraternity is now under the Enola Gaye sponsorship banner. Showered with gifts and pyro to brighten up their ball flinging games, the Baggers are arguable the first woods ball paintball team to use smoke in competitive paintball (the UWL, Ultimate Woodsball League).

And results speak for themselves! Winners of the UK UWL the boys will be travelling over to the Paintball World Cup in Florida this coming October to rain paint and equal amounts of pyro on the other teams sorry asses.

The UWL is the first competitive paintball tournament ever that has allowed smoke grenades to be used during the games, so hats off to the organisers who clearly know their game, however its not been too common place until now…enter the Sandbaggers.