The concept of throwing pyrotechnics at each other for fun was born from paintball back in the early 90’s. Enola Gaye formed in 1996 and started manufacturing smoke and paint grenades from its small factory in Lincolnshire, UK. The idea was very simple, but the red tape and the paperwork to manufacture such items and allow them to be used in such a way is far from simple.

Once the principle was proven safe the product went from strength to strength and now Enola Gaye has become the biggest commercial smoke grenade manufacturer in the world. Our staff are still dedicated players of both Paintball & Airsoft and we continue to use our own products, throwing them and being on the receiving end of them.

It is nearly a foregone conclusion that most players stepping onto a paintball field in Europe will use a pyrotechnic product manufactured by Enola Gaye or inspired by us. Of course we do not exclusively supply the global paintball and airsoft industry, we are just one of several companies in the paintball pyrotechnic business or ‘simulation pyro’ as it is now known and recognised in Europe.

You will notice that everything that we manufacture is non-lethal; we do not manufacture anything that we believe can cause injury (within reason). Whilst we are a pyrotechnic company and an exceptional one at that (self-professed), we are fully aware that making big bangs and large explosions is simple and of course impressive to some. However the real skill is creating the same sort of effect that doesn’t cause harm to others.

If your local field doesn’t use pyro then it needs to shape up, otherwise take your business elsewhere.

Coming soon…Paintball tactics and tips on how best to use smoke and paint grenades in urban cqb and woodland….


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