Enola Gaye™



We have recently rolled out a new dealership campaign in the UK to curb the rising problem of misuse of paintball & airsoft pyrotechnics in football grounds. Working alongside the SGSA (Sports Ground Safety Authority, a government body) and the Premiership, with involvement of the UKPSF and UKARA we are making it as difficult as possible for Enola Gaye products to find their way into the hands of idiots. We are also trying to influence the other manufacturers/brands of pyrotechnic to take the same stance, so that no long term damage is done to our industry by these idiots; but without sounding too cynical, some of the other manufacturers don’t have the best interests of the airsoft and paintball industries in their hearts.

The misuse of pyro in sports grounds is not a new thing however recently it has become an increasing problem and the initial responsibility lands directly on our shoulders. That responsibility is shared with us the manufacturers and you the vendors and users. We can only improve things by improving the way sales of pyrotechnics sold to directly to the player are carried out. Our new dealership programme asks that stores and online sales of products are only carried out to players who hold a UKPSF or UKARA membership, short of this they have to register with the Enola Gaye programme (which can be done instore or online). This does not affect field sales, it is assumed that players who have paid to be on field and are participating in the events are using the devices for the correct use.

All of our products carry warnings to users that pyrotechnics used in sports stadiums is illegal and can lead to prosecution and a spell in prison.

Have your say on this matter and write to us; the best blogs, replies will be posted on our website.