We are pleased to announce that we have launched our newly designed MK5 Thunderflash.

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Essentially the product is still the traditional MK5 Thunder Flash but we have added a few updates to make it easier to use in the field and of course safer for the user and other participants in the game field.

One the areas that we have spent the most time is on the consistency of noise levels which is hugely difficult when dealing with such fine measures of flash powder; 0.5 grams to be precise. When you remove the new lid/cap which now makes up half of the body rather than the previous fiddly small lid, you will unveil the head of the product which is the part which breaks when exploded.

To get the noise consistency better we have invested in better materials and improved on our production to allow finer measures on mass production. We have found that even the slightest variation in cardboard quality makes such a difference to the consistency of the thunderflash.

The newly designed MK5 snaps in the middle with a gentle twist which then unsheathes the product; this new design gives the user the option to place the cap back on safely if the product isn’t used when initially opened.

Give us your feedback on the new MK5 when you get a chance to use them.

new MK5 THunderflash


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