Enola Gaye™

New Hang Ten Belts

We are mainly known for our explosives, our smoke grenades and pyrotechnic devices that have become a common part of our gaming. That said, it has become so common now for players to walk into the game zone with several smoke grenades that we have had to come up with some other ideas to carry these devices.

It’s a work in progress, the job is never finished so if you have an idea for a pouch, belt or any other carrying device let us know and you may just see it go into production.

Our most popular carry device is by far the ‘Hang Ten Belt’ aptly named for hanging ten toes over the end of your longboard, nothing to do with airsoft or paintball, but not everything has to make sense….

So it’s back! We’ve added some length so that it can be used as a belt or a bandolier (thanks Sandbaggers for the input), fully adjustable, affordable, holds 10 WP40 smoke grenades (or FL40, BWP40 & Flash Grenades) and it’s available in 3 colors (Olive, Black & NEW Tan).

Hang Ten Belts work perfectly for pro players and rental players alike. We recently challenged a local paintball field to see if they could sell a fully loaded belt on a rental day; the result was fairly quick, rental customers see the advantage of smoke in their game just the same a seasoned players.  Mark Rusbridge owner of the flagship paintball field Skirmish Dorset said “Watching a rental player walk into the field with 10 smoke grenades banded around his torso made the field staff grin; we knew it was gonna go down that day!”

If you want to stock the Hang Ten Belt or any of our other carry products call our UK or USA office which are currently fully stocked.