Enola Gaye™

New Field Paint Grenade Drops

From the early beginnings of paintball Enola Gaye has been designing pyrotechnics for use in outdoor games by adding that extra dimension and feel to the game.

Some would say that the paint grenade was fatally flawed from its original conception and that trying to launch paint from a unit with a small explosion was too difficult to achieve; well it’s time for the critics to start dining on their own hats.

The NEW Enola Gaye Field Paint Grenade is bigger, more realistic and far more desirable than its predecessor. It holds 5 times more paint which has been recorded at taking out test staff at 10 meters! When we say taken out, I mean a big blob flew straight into his ear whilst he was on the phone and not giving his full attention to the job! Serves him right!

Here’s the stats:

EFFECTIVE AREA:             Up to 10 meters

FRAGMENTATION:            Paper – Paint

DELAY/FUSE TIME:           4 Seconds

BOX QUANTITY:               50

This new grenade will as be available in its alter ego, the Frag grenade