Enola Gaye™

New BB Airsoft Grenade

This is the first sneak peak of the new BB grenade that is due for release sometime 2015, more than likely June (ish).

Some of you may be wondering why it takes so long to get stuff out there? Approvals, test procedures and preparing a product so that it is market ready seems to take forever these days. All pyro in Europe now has to be CE approved before it can be released onto the market, so add this to the designing, transport classification and production, these things take a long time.

Since there are no design secrets here to protect we are happy to let you into this future release well ahead of schedule. This new BB Airsoft Grenade (which as of yet is unnamed) will be the first new BB frag style grenade we have released for over 10 years; well since our RGS Stick Grenade.

The new unit has been shrunk down in size from the current BB grenade, so much so that it fits inside the current model. Exact sizing has been kept a secret, but you can get the idea from the pictures that it will fit nicely into most pouches.

The new BB Grenade will be Wire Pull Ignition only, we do not foresee a friction version being released, however never say never.

120db @ 8 meters under lab test conditions. Keep an eye out for a new EG report due for release which will show the difference in noise values tested in the different types of game area.

Whilst the new grenade is small it packs a punch that will make it the best airsoft grenade ever released. Packed with our clay frag pellets, the area of effect is a massive 10+ meters.

The new grenade will only be distributed through our UK and Euro dealers. We apologise to our USA and Canadian customers who are still waiting for this type of product, please bear with us. However on the flip side, the USA will receive the new EG18x Smoke Grenade before the UK and Europe does….