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Live Role Play Vs Paintball and Airsoft?








Is live role play really any different to Airsoft or Paintball?

You get a bunch of like minded people all meeting in a muddy field or woodland and battle commences. The fact that the LARP’s as they are more commonly known wield rubber swords and axes compared to our friendly firing guns I see many similarities with the exception of cost!

Don’t get this blog wrong i’m not trying to create a mass defection weekend welt collecting players over to the rubber sword, but given the numbers suggested in a recent BBC report that 3000 LAPRers had amassed somewhere in the UK; it appears to have escaped my attention! I have always been aware of the pursuit since my pencil wielding Dungeons and Dragons days, but 3000 people?!? of which half are women! Maybe we are shooting up the wrong tree! (not sure if that is a metaphor or euphemism?).

Either way I don’t see me trading in my shooter for a foam dagger quite yet, but it’s worth a thought for the guys who are always complaining about the price of ammo…..

Here’s the BBC report for any potential defectors or closet wizards.