How awesome Paint Grenades really are!

Paintballing Grenades
EG Paint Grenade

We’ve been making the Paint Grenade for years, since 1996 to be precise. All this time we new they were great fun, after all we invented it, so the desire to paint people by use of pyro was always going to be fun.

Forward wind 20 years to the time when high speed digital cameras are common place, add a day out for the team at the Enola Gaye test centre and Boom! you have stunning results! I am not usually one to over use exclamation marks in my writing but exceptions can be made! The fun we had today testing Paintball Grenades left us all grinning from ear to ear.

The official name for the paint grenade we have been testing in these pictures is the Field Paint Grenade and yes there is a Field BB Grenade which we will cover in a different article.

The Field Paint Grenade has changed over the years that we’ve been making it. When we first started out we used to fill a plastic bag with water based paint, tie a knot in it then hot glue it together along with the explosive cracker. When we tried to make the paint go further we simply upped the flash composition and made the bang bigger.

Of course times change and if products don’t move with the times they disappear. With the advent of increased awareness of injury, litigation and in more recent times CE the paint grenade has gone from strength to strength.

With greater knowledge of pyrotechnic composition, liquid dispersement, materials and biodegradability we have achieved a bigger and greater paint spread with less explosive power. Surprised? we were. Once we had really started studying the finer points of the physics behind launching liquids a whole new world opened up. It’s not obvious and even by dissecting the product it’s easy to miss the key design points of this product. And of course these key elements were missed when another company in the UK tried to copy it, but like we say on all of our products, ‘don’t be an idiot with our products’. This especially applies to you guys.

As you will see from these amazing pictures the Field Paint Grenade is now achieving an approximate 3 meter spread of paint in all directions. Should one go off near you, there would be no escape.

Where can you play paintball using Enola Gaye Paint Grenades? There are hundreds of paintball venues across the UK and Europe that stock this product. You can be guaranteed to find them on Delta Force Paintball sites and strong independents such as National Paintball Fields in Bassets Pole, Birmingham and Skirmish Paintball Dorset near Bournemouth to name but the very few.

Plan view of paint grenade explosion

Enola Gaye paint Grenade side view explosion

Testing splatter from a Paint Grenade

Field Paint Grenade splatter

If you are a paintball field in the UK, you can get stocked up through distributors BZ Paintball or though our head office Enola Gaye based in Reading, Berkshire.

In Europe we have many distributors in France, Germany, Holland, Belgium and so on. Try Sport Attitude or Pro Concept Paintball in the north of France.

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