Enola Gaye™

Home Made Smoke Bombs

It is with regret that we have just learnt of the terrible accident in France where 3 boys have been killed making home made smoke bombs in a derelict premises in central France.

We strictly recommend that no one should try and manufacture any type of pyrotechnic product unless they are using a licensed laboratory and are experienced in this field. We are aware that you can find instructions on the internet of how to make smoke, but we strongly urge anyone who has an interest in this field to ignore these videos as they are not safe.

Our thoughts are with the families of the boys and we hope that there will be no further incidents with home made pyro manufacture in this field.

Enola Gaye has always argued that with the presence of CE quality professionally manufactured pyrotechnics and smoke grenades for use in Airsoft and Paintball, it removes the need for black market or home made versions.

For more information on how we place products on the market and qualifying for CE approval we will post another blog very soon. Until then please stay safe and only use products that have CE approval; if at all you are unsure, feel free to contact our UK or USA offices.