Hollywood has discovered Enola Gaye

Smoke Grenades are showing up in TV Series and Movies more of often these days for the simple reason we’ve made it so easy for them. Before Enola Gaye popularized the use of colored smoke it was far more difficult to achieve the same effect. Off the shelf colored smoke is reshaping the way filmers and directors approach special effects. It was not so long ago, they would have needed to employ a specialized pyrotechnic company to achieve the same effect. In fact we have improved what was possible.

Those same Special Effects Companies have now moved over to using Enola Gaye smoke effects to simulate all types of scenarios. With the vibrant colors the smoke grenades offer many advantages over expensive fog machines that produce only white mist, we have shaken the industry with our affordable easy to use effects. The dramatic feel and look that colored smoke adds to a scene has fast become a necessity to add ambience. In the past, movies have used piles of burning tires to simulate black smoke and smoke from fires. This can no longer be used due to EPA’s concern with the environment and possible health concerns. Enola Gaye smoke grenades offer a non-toxic alternative to production studios, which has seen the use of our smoke products increase on the big screen.

It’s worth noting that these big production companies have followed the trend of the amateur YouTube filmers who have built massive followings from low budget high quality productions that have made use of our colored smoke effects. This type of effect would not have previously been possible before.

Enola Gaye have responded well to the uptake in media use of their products developing different colours and output speeds designed with the tv and film production in mind. The SD75 and the CM75 are good examples of the latest big smoke effects designed by Enola Gaye to product massive smoke plumes upon demand.

For more detailed information on using Enola Gaye smoke effects for film/tv contact the USA, UK or Canadian offices. We have all the latest information and data on toxicity, heat and fire risk safety, personal use and much more.

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades have been confirmed in numerous productions such as: Breaking Bad, History Channel’s SIX, Chicago Fire, American Horror Story Freakshow, Kong Skull Island, Triple 9, Divergent Series Allegiant, Jumanji, Poor Soldier, Rampage, Soladado, and Transformers Last Knight.

Enola Gaye Smoke Grenade

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