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Football and smoke bombs, the Premier League wade in…

It feels like every blog that we put out at the moment is based on football fans using pyro at matches! It is topical at this moment when you consider the event at Aston Villa just a few weeks ago; this has paved the way for a journalist typhoon on the subject of flares in the stands, so the Premier League is fighting back.

This morning I woke up to tweets and texts from friends informing me that the BBC were running a news feature focused on smoke bombs and flares used at football stadiums. The Premier League is about to start their campaign about pyro and football; this comes as no surprise to us. Enola Gaye has always been against people using smoke grenades in stadiums and as a result, we are the company working with Cathy Long (Premier League), Keith Sears (SGSA) and directly with many of the premiership clubs to curb the trend.

We are directly involved with the Premier League’s new campaign and will be co-designing the posters that will be seen at all football clubs across the land. Because of the new trend of smoke bombs used in football stadiums we now supply football clubs smoke grenades so they can train their stewards in the safe handling and disposal of pyrotechnics.

Enola Gaye is Europe’s most responsible manufacturer; we are just finishing 5 years of work in Europe as experts representing the UK for pyrotechnic CE standards. From this project we now take on the task of helping the Premier League in their battle against pyro… We have to make this claim that we are responsible, because we are, and so are the industries that we represent, paintball and airsoft.

Check one of my other blogs if you want to know more about how we try to keep our brand of smoke grenades from harms way. However, it is worth noting that this trend is common place in Europe; some of the fans may want to argue that if it’s ok for them, why can’t we do it here in the UK? Here’s 3 good reasons why…

1. We design our pyrotechnics for paintball and airsoft players who wear protective gear.
2. Even our pyrotechnics which are designed to be in close proximity to people can be dangerous in confined spaces.
3. You’re there to watch football, if you want to watch fireworks, go to a firework display.