FLASH GRENADE 1.0 End of retail sales 4.7.17 Europe

When the European CE regulations came into force in July 2013 there was a period of transition whereby if a product was approved within a European country then that product was allowed to be continued to be sold within that country until July 4th 2017. After this date all products on the market need to have a CE registration.

Therefore, any product from Enola Gaye that does not bear the CE mark must not be sold after July 4th 2017. If you already have non-CE marked products and you are the person that is going to use the product and not supply it to anyone else then you may still keep or use this product.

The only product that Enola Gaye has sold within the last few years that is not fully CE registered is the Friction Flash Grenade 1.0 and therefore

the Flash Grenade 1.0 must have been sold to the ‘end user’ or have been returned to us by the 4th July 2017. This is not because of any safety problems, the Flash Grenade 1.0 is still on sale until this date and is a perfectly safe product, however due to this current version not passing the ‘jolt and jumble’ test its sale license (grandfather rights) finishes on the 4th July.

This is the last week that this product will be available from us, until the new version arrives later in the year. Dealers have approximately 2 weeks left to sell the Flash Grenade 1.0 and other pyrotechnics they may have.

However, an updated version of the Friction Flash Grenade 1.0 is currently going through the CE tests and we fully expect this to be back on the market with full CE approval within the next few months.

FOR MORE INFORMATION. If you require any further information, please call our office on 01189 714470. This does not affect dealers outside of the EU.

RETURNING PRODUCTS. If you wish to return any Non-CE marked product please call our office and we will advise on return options. Do not return any pyrotechnic products by post or courier unless you already have an account that can accept dangerous goods.

FLASH GRENADE 3.0. This does not affect the WP Flash Grenade 3.0 which is CE registered.

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