Green smoke for fashion

The use of pyrotechnics and smoke effects in the production of film and tv programmes is common place, it is carefully budgeted and can often cost huge sums of money employing specialist pyrotechnic companies to produce sometimes just simple effects.

Here at Enola Gaye we have designed our products so that they can often replace those high budget pyrotechnic specialists by offering products that produce effects that are second to none and most importantly they are simple to use and no license or training is needed. You just read the instructions on the label, observe any safety distances or features and let the cameras roll.


We have given up counting the amount of production companies that have employed our smoke effects to produce colourful smoke backdrops or to recreate burning buildings with our black smoke effects. We do not keep a record of all of the films and tv productions that have used Enola Gaye colored smoke products, but you can be assured that many are using them and even the biggest tv and film production companies are turning their attention to the simplicity of our smoke and pyrotechnics. Hollywood is no stranger to using pyrotechnic colored smoke; Enola Gaye yellow smoke products were recently used on the Breaking Bad trailer for the arrival of the cast for a publicity event.

If you are in need of a smoke effect for your tv production or film shoot, no matter what budget you should consider the ease of Enola Gaye products before you call that ‘pyrotechnic expert’. We have nearly every colour smoke available and you have choice in output speeds too; maybe you don’t need massive amounts of smoke quickly? Enola Gaye smoke effects are available in slow output, fast smoke cover and if necessary whispy smoke effects. We have various ignition types to make your shoot easy; you can either let them off by hand or use electronic ignition so that the smoke effect can be started from a distance and at a specific time, easy! And like we said without the need for expensive pyrotechnic companies.


One of the worlds largest TV programmes Top Gear which is produced by the BBC regularly uses Enola Gaye smoke to add awesome effects to their already high budget program. You would think that a production such as Top Gear would employ the best pyrotechnic experts to produce the mind blowing effects that have made the program world famous; those effects are regularly delivered by Enola Gaye pyrotechnic products.

Enola Gaye Smoke on Top Gear
Enola Gaye Smoke on Top Gear


One of the most common uses that we have seen our smoke effects used has been in music video production; to save our modesty, name dropping could be considered vulgar, a few examples have been posted below to give an example of the effectiveness of our smoke producing units and how safe they are, often held in the the hand by the artist themselves.

Music video production is probably where our smoke products are best suited as they offer amazing colorful effects that are cost effective and hypnotic to the eye.

M.I.A Bring the Noise (Official Video)

Bloc Party Truth

The Bloc Party video is a great example of how to make use of a simple smoke product and turn it into a great production.


It is rare that we are given the details where our pyrotechnics or coloured smoke effects are used as productions are usually shrouded in secrecy, however there are occasions when we are not only given the details of where our smoke grenades are used but we are given the honour of appearing in the credits at the end of the advert. Such was the case when Electronic Arts and Danger Close produced one of their adverts for Medal of Honour Warfighter. Obviously the product is perfectly placed here, but it’s the amazing visuals that they get from the wall of green smoke seen in this advert that is totally mind blowing. Sit back and enjoy one of the best video games designers go to work on an advert that leaves nothing to the imagination.


Enola Gaye smoke producing units are designed to be used in close proximity to people and as a result feature in many photo shoots worldwide, most magazines have featured our smoke as backdrops to produce unique effects.

If you have a photo shoot and require coloured smoke effects contact our office to find out more about receiving easy to use smoke generators direct to your location.


Film and photography coloured smoke effects are available for your production from Enola Gaye direct.