Enola Gaye™

Enola Gaye goes indoor!

We gathered up some overalls, a few smoke grenades, the odd paint grenade & headed off to play indoor!

Its winter, so with a free weekend on my hands i headed off to my local indoor paintball site based.  So I spent friday raiding the warehouse here at EnolaGaye to find everything i might need. Once i arrived, I was kitted up with Enola Gaye Woodland camo overalls, an Enola Gaye Killvest, EG amoured gloves & even issued EG Armbands.  We had an old Tippmann X7 in the office, so added a TAC-CAP & a GoPro camera on the barrel for the #MW3 tactical look.

I hope you enjoyed, thanks to Jason @ ShootorScoot for letting us come & play. Visit Jason @ www.shootorscoot.com

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