Enola Gaye™

EG18 High Output Smoke Grenade coming to America…

Enola Gaye have confirmed that the next product for release in the USA is the high output smoke the EG18.

 The EG18 produces a huge smoke cloud two and a half times that of the current Wire Pull unit and is the latest addition to the growing Enola Gaye smoke product line available in the US. The EG18 shares the tried and tested wire pull ignition from the smaller unit and offers players the option to “Go Large”

 Available in White, Yellow, Red, Green, Purple, Orange, Blue and Black.

 Jim Rose from Enola Gaye said “The big difference to this range is the inclusion of Black Smoke which has been designed to mimic a real fire without having to burn tires or diesel”

 The innovative new smoke has been welcomed by fields looking to create a genuine battlefield atmosphere; but Enola Gaye offer a word of warning, “Our black smoke is so realistic it should not be used for general consumption by players; only as set pieces otherwise you will not be able to spot a genuine fire”.

 The official release date for this product is the 1st November and initially quantities will be limited. For more information contact Enola Gaye USA.