Enola Gaye™

Don't be a dick!

This phrase has always been printed on our products, simply because we don’t want people to be complete Dicks with our products.

They are designed to have fun with of course, don’t get us wrong we’re not the party police, but have fun with them in the correct places; those places being paintball, airsoft fields or private land that you have permission to play on.

When we say ‘don’t be a dick’ we mean; don’t get on planes, don’t take them to school (not that you are allowed to use them as an under 18 anyway), don’t roll them in to McDonalds etc. etc. The authorities take it pretty damn serious when people mess about with our gear; the end result is most commonly a criminal record.

Because we are vigilant and only sell to registered dealers and users, we tend to keep pyrotechnics out of the hands of most nobheads, but on occasion it can happen. However the same can’t be said for our competitors and copy products that have appeared on the market; these copy products are badly/illegally labelled and/or poorly manufactured. One such case has recently landed an Oxford lad a short stretch in the nick and he hadn’t even let the thing off; however there is such a thing as intent.