1000 Smoke Grenade Test

We test….we test a lot, we let off so much product in the name of quality control that we have to inform the local communities when it’s about to go down as the cloud of smoke that emerges can cover huge areas.

In this recent test we were letting off exactly 1000 Friction Smoke Grenades and monitoring fuse effects and delays amongst a few other things that are under development. We were mostly testing blue smoke with a few white with a team of 7 staff timed over approximately one hour.

Blue Smoke Grenade

The compositions used in our products are always high quality, even in our entry level smoke the FL Friction Smoke Grenade. Unlike other friction smoke grenades that are available on the market we do not use a cheap sulphur based composition that stinks and is generally unpleasant (say no more).

Under these test conditions there is little fresh air to snap away at; everything turns blue. With a bit of luck and a fresh breeze the test is made much easier as the smoke drifts off, unfortunately on this day, it was raining with no wind whatsoever.

It made for some great pictures but threw up no results, so that was a good result. When you are trying to find out  if a product will fail, you have to let off as many as possible to give you the true result. Test 20, you get an idea, run a 1000 smoke grenade test you get detailed results.

I can tell you this with my hand on my heart, not one smoke grenade failed to operate across 1000 products ignited. Most smoke grenade failures are usually down to the operator not using the product correctly, or using products that have been stored badly.

We are transparent with our test data, so if you wish to know more just ask….

EG Blue smoke grenades

Friction blue smoke grenade

FL blue smoke bombs

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