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World Famous Smoke Grenades

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The worlds best commercially available smoke grenade

Welcome to Enola Gaye the world leader in smoke grenades, thunder flash and airsoft and paintball grenades.

Born in 1996 when we made our first exploding paint grenade, Enola Gaye has gone onto become the pioneer of professional pyrotechnics for airsoft, paintball and outdoor sports. Step onto any professional game field and you will see our smoke and airsoft grenades bringing equal amounts of fear and excitement to the players; depending on which side your playing. We are now distributing worldwide so no matter which corner of the globe you live we can improve your game. For more information on becoming a distributor or a dealer follow the links.

All of our products are classified as explosives; yes even the smoke grenades, which means we cannot ship them in the regular post, nor should you encourage people to do so. We have specialist couriers worldwide and can deliver pyrotechnics to you once all of the relevant licenses have been gained.

Whilst our products were born on the airsoft and paintball fields, our products are also well placed in film and photography shoots; whether you are shooting a low budget mini film or a multi-million dollar blockbuster, Enola Gaye smoke effects and grenades are the most cost effective and reliable effects you can use.

We absolutely encourage safe use of pyrotechnics and go out of our way to stop the idiots from spoiling our industry…..If you are an idiot or have recently been accused of being and idiot then you are on the wrong website. We do not condone the use of smoke grenades in football stadiums, it is anti-social and stupid meaning you are an idiot. It is worth you noting that you will go to prison for letting off smoke bombs in public if caught (see Blog).

Moving on we do encourage the safe use of smoke effects in theatre, film, photography, on paintball sites and airsoft fields. Smoke grenades work brilliantly for war re-enactments and making music video effects adding brilliant smoke colours to the backgrounds for amazing coloured smoke visuals, for more information on this check our blog area.

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